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New at Eagle Air

A huge thank you to everyone for contributing to a massively successful Open Day this past Saturday, 9 February 2019!

We hope everyone found the day to be informative and we trust you had as much fun as we did!

We can't wait to fly with everyone again!

Latest News & Achievements

Night Rating

A huge congratulations to Omar Koutna for successfully completing your Night Rating. A wonderful achievement! Pictured with Omar, his Flight Instructor Michael Pinto. Wishing you many happy landings, Omar!

Private Pilots License

A huge congratulations to Mohamed Albuzeidi for successfully completing his Private Pilots Licence! A fantastic achievement. Pictured with Mohamed, his Flight Instructor Erlo Eksteen. We are so proud of you Mohamed. Wishing you many happy landings! 

Instructors Rating

A huge congratulations to Huzaifa Umar for successfully completing your Grade III Flight Instructors Rating. A wonderful achievement! Pictured with Huzaifa, DFE Captain Francois Naudé. Huzaifa has also joined the Eagle Air team as a Grade III Flight Instructor. Welcome to the Eagle Air family, Huzaifa!